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Portfolio of Multimedia Artist Jemina Staalo

- virtual pages in Finnish about my gothic sample of essays into grotesque phantasmagoria and back.... WithGallery:    

Jemina Staalo´s Multimedia Art & LITTERature  

Here´ s your´ s truly [and brutally] Jemina Staalo, the reporter of Ultima Thule, and The Extreme Northern / Southern Finnish mind; Jo vain: The author, the poet, the hierophant, the werewolf  - as a humble genius of renaissance I do a lot, mostly I write books, columns, articles, and take photos, then I sleep, swim, read or work around the clock as an multimedia-artist

News from Staaloland:             

I had some grants and scholarships for artistic working as a writer in the years 2008 -2003:

- The Grant in 2008 for artistic working from Libraries.

- The Grant in 2007 for artistic working WSOY foundation of writing.

- The Working Grant in 2007 fromArts Council of Uusimaa Helsinki Metropolitan Region.

- The Working Grant in 2003 from Arts Council of Uusimaa Helsinki Metropolitan Region.

- The Grant in 2003 and 2005 for artistic working from WSOY foundation of writing .

- The Travel Grant to Stockholm in 2004 from Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.


I have published in my mySpace site:

  with permissions, photos of bands like Zodiac Mindwarp, Stooges, Hardcore Superstar, BellRays, Mortiis, Terveet Kädet / Death Trip, Noitalinna Huraa, Smack, Balls, Melrose, and New York Dolls. The pics are allowed to watch all my “friends”. I have published new Stooges pics in The Stooges-Official Page's Photos in MySpace.

Welcome to my Nightmare, and mean while, in the Jungle, babies, babies,here are the brand new pages of mine, at last. The pages may be under boa constructor (rousk rousk), but will finish Finnish some bloody day. "And don't worry 'bout tomorrow, hey, hey, hey… "             

How to navigate? Don´ t get lost as Ulysses with gorgeous witches with their own islands, nor stay home as boring old Penelope knitting – just Come to the Cabaret with your books and brooms…Galleries contain from the year 1981 my art of multimedia and digital graphics as JPG-photos.   

About my productive and overflowing baroque writings:    I have done almost all kind of writing: poetry, short stories, prosaic poems, satirical columns, and interviews of painting course. Some of my texts contain my art, too, or realistic photography.

I wrote reviews of books (like Jack Kerouac) in 2004, and reviews about gigs, Mid Summer Eve - & other Summer festivals in 1988, articles about gothic sub culture in 2003-2004, travel stories 2003-2004, sceptic articles 2004, and Doctor Who knows, what I will write next.                                            

I was born in the same year as Vampirella and Woostock, and have been driver of one and a half tractor, then later as an instructor of Multimedia / Computer Graphics, nanny, cleaner in the institute of handicapped and disabled students & pupils, secretary in Bureau of insurance, cook in children´ s home, choosing bands to festivals, and now I write books and make art.

I have studied creative writing, Egyptology, Multimedia / Computer Graphics, literature, shooting Videos, Graphic Communication, creativity, shamanism and Feminology. I have also written books, and first “book” I made into CD ROM as a radio play with pictures and text. I was Art Director, and processor of the Sound of whole project as well as an actor and dramatist. I have written and directed some CR ROMs and reasonable games to students in workshops of Art and Media.  


Take me to Other Side, only in Finnish:

Jemina Staalo The Writers of Finnish Tornio Valley: Jemina Staalo. - Valid from January 2003, with some Self portraits -photographs which I have designed, created, demolished, stylised, manipulated and/or made between 1996-2003.- Includes Jemina Staalo´ s life story, awards, grants, articles, reviews, and links.       

The Artist of the month, May 2006, in Gallery Ajatuksenpoikanen, Helsinki.     

The Next exhibitions, up coming shows, teasers on the run, attractions, temptations and supremes:   And the Night became Film Noir - My Next Private Exhibition The Night becomes Filmnoir is in Vallilan kirjasto - Library of Vallila, Päijänteentie 5, Helsinki, in the Viljo Kajava Hall 2.-19.10.2007.  Vallila Library Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 10-19, Friday - Saturday 10-15. Public transport: Trams 6 and 7.  - Exhibition is made from old drawing, and photographs years between 1988-2007, with Digital Graphics as well.  It is about blue, and blueish digital graphics and / or drawings using the language of film noir.  Where the crime turns into poetry – as an Art piece. Far from reality. With symbolism of dreams, in the wide black frames of an old wide screen movie…. Frames looks like road or way to concentrate camps. The blue is the colour of the night and sleep, it is complicated from lullabies to crime scenes. - I like the rhythm of a road movie, the lines on the road, the lights that passed by… - Why film noir fascinates me? Lights, the shadows, lights, black, black night, smoke, smoking, frosted glass, cigarettes, hats, webs, dresses,… It is klaustrofobic, fetisistic, and paranoiac - But why we really need crimes as an entertainment??

Please arrive to my Nightmare with Street Cars 6, 7 or 8 - even thought they aren´ t all called DesireBecause my Next Private exhibition The Night becomes Filmnoir is in Library of Vallila,  in the Viljo Kajava Hall 1.-20.10.2007  (Päijänteentie 5, Helsinki).


Jemina Staalo - Multimedia-artist Cv - Curriculum Vitae  - Resume:  Who Do You Think We Are?  Are we all clones clones clones??

- As a multimedia-artist I have done photorealistic-magic Self Portraits using myself as an artist, photographer, designer and model. I have been writing and/or taking photos to magazines from the year 1983 as a free lancer, columnist…

I have been a "non-professional" photographer ever since year 1981.

But still I don´ t got as big collection of shoes like Carrie in Sinkkuelämää, and, above all, here in Finland it as too cold to write in hotpants.. I have been written short stories and poems every since I was 8 years old, the first book I wrote at 8, then I was 12 with the next book, and after that I was 19, but it take a long and windy, rocky road to publish that book – Underground, Anarchy, Feminism, Avant-garde and Black Humour are not easy reading for somebody mainstream moron.

My book Pornoinho ( pornREPULSION ), was published FINALLY in 2002, by publisher WSOY. It was wild short-prosaic and painful trip into brutal, sadistic reality that every woman confronts every day. UNFORTUNATELY.

      In the cover of the book is my Barbie -work from Barbied Wire –exhibition. The torso doll represents all the vulnerability of a girl in the modern sexist, disturbing pressure of MTV, media, adverts and fashion, which cuts personality of a young girl - with these sick expectations.

When MTV´ s “music” videos contain neither music nor human rights, I watch my old videos – the greatest music was made before 1984. The New Romantic movement, for example, did not care if you were girl or boy – everybody was equal musician with these [that time] new cheap and easy synthesizers that everybody could afford, storage and portable move. Comparing to expensive punk rock –guitars & bass & drums & beer cans for a singer…

..... My favourite music [beside the favourite ones that I photographed] is Peaches, Electric Prunes, and Smashing Pumpkins.

 I take photos with several different cameras, both digital and old fashioned way. I enjoy dyeing my photos into Sepia, which is my favourite colour with Absinth. Black and white prints are very fine – in the same time rough and sensitive, fragile, especially when I take photos of gigs and summer festivals; my favourite photos are from the greatest bands and performers like Hanoi Rocks, Iggy Pop, Chuck Berry, Iggy & Stooges, New York Dolls, Bauhaus, Mortiis, Lou Reed, Sielun Veljet, Pelle Miljoona, Melrose, Santa Lucia, Stone, Lama, Alice Cooper, Laibach, MC5, 22 Pistepirkko, Smack, Marilyn Manson, Noitalinna Huraa, Damned and half of the Sex Pistols, and all the great, and difficult creatures of the night. In enjoy those little clubs like Astoria and Tavastia, which have long history with rock ´n roll bands performances that makes Big Bang.

                                            Or Apocalypse, Now.

 Are there any messages to you, Rudy, in pictures, images ???                                    Why take photos?

- Do you have to go several schools to become a serious photographer?  - Or do you have to live and learn by practising hard and never giving up?!!


I have been taking photos over 25 years, in the 3.rd generation.

I have been written stories even longer..

 I have studied multimedia in it´ s every shape, I am a media-assistant for a profession, I teached earlier multimedia as well. I enjoy to write, plan and design manuscripts into CD ROMs. And make whole and complete artwork with texts, pictures and sound.

I have done some Picture galleries CD ROMs from my art with music. The first book I published was a CD ROM. 

The most important thing in multimedia and computers generally is reasonable content. The second important thing is good manuscript – if you were not Godard, Chaplin or Morrison. The third important thing: make sane schedule and stick with that – and your budget.

My private personal exhibitions before:             Other projects / passions / obsessions / serials / artworks:

Tellervo goes Technicolor

- The Shamanistic fabric works with blueberries and other things from the swamp, made in the summer of 2006, in the Northern beach of a Stone Age lake. I cook - with a primitive way - the plants & flowers from the Northern forests, swamps and fields in a big pot, and let the broth cool down, and then dye the fabrics with it´ s colour… The cloths look like pale maps of the world with light yellow and brown shades. I make some abstract marks with blue- and strawberries and soot & cinder of a fire…

Reflections / Echoes echoes to the Dark Dark / echo sounding through the Dragness, with the senses of bats…

The meaning of the black colour? Is BLACK colour at all?

I am travelling with colour palette of Kasimir Malevitsh to the Black Square.                   Hit to be RED square??  WOT???

When black is the night and it´ s humidity…. In he secret garden the Queen of the Night reveals petals towards the labyrinths of dusk… .

Why black means evil? Black mail, black out, Fade to black, Black Adder, black cat, black mess… Black is not colour of sorrow in every country.

Renoir: “The queen of all colors is black “ 

Reznor: “ break down resistance, fight back, big black bomb attack “

The Gothic sense & sensibility, sensuality, ideology, and elegance:

is strongly dualistic: black – white, good – evil, night – day, beautiful – ugly, comfort – macabre, devil – angel etc. Two faces of Janus, Doppelgänger, double, darker side, shadows, reflections in the mirror, cloning – are interesting scenarios of the mind about stealing someone´ s personality….

In the other hand – watching to the darkness creates urge and fury to stay alive & strong, continue to make art, never giving up…. I lean on the colour palette of Dario Argento with three basic colours: red, black and white. In his movie Bird with the Crystal Plumage he force us to observe how much scarier is the colours the white and the transparent than the ordinary, primeval black. To be in the complete darkness is not the biggest fear but being in the clear spotlight, under the glass, in a gallery to be a forceless victim of peoples´ s gazes.


Projects under work / on pause: The Next exhibitions / teasers on the run:

Metamorphosis Polycolor - exhibition   Metamorphosis Polycolor - exhibition includes my digital graphic works between circa 1996-2006. The original photographs with several different cameras. I use Photoshop a lot. The name of that exhibition came from feminine metamorphoses that media and ads promise to us by dyeing our hair…. Are we lost? Too far away from our original myths? Are we in the vacuum of values?? Just repeating copywriters´ slogans & gags?

These are The Self Portraits – was shooting myself in different roles / hair colours / wigs / personas – the word “persona” originally means “mask”. When we take new mask we reveal something from inside? If you are bored with wigs like in great, hectic and ironic agent story in TV show Alias (with Jennifer Garner), use the horns of female reindeer… Like I have done in Musta Seita Valkoinen Peura ( Black Seita White Deer ) exhibition. But that´ s another story. Be aware. Be scare....

I like the word “portrait”, it includes the port of Amsterdam, (like in Jacques Brel song) and finnish expression “kylän raitti” means “village street “, but in Finnish “raitis” means “sober, fresh, teetotaller…”. And if you are “”olet miehenä “ it means “bigmouth, enthusiastic, owner of the Europe or literally you are a man…” and drink “votkaa raitilla” it means “Vodka and Sprite” or drink vodka in the raitti, in the village street…

Lost in translation?? Transaction? I like words with lot of meanings, the words and phrases with different layers like in poems and in Finnish language generally. And Ariadne ´s lace, and Alice Cooper´ s Lace and whiskey, and Bela Lugosi saying: Pull the string! Pull the string! I like spiders who make webs, and peoples who make nets - sometimes you meet knots and nodes, or just hang out with mermaids and sailors…. In popular culture I prefer English – that post-modern easy language which is both corn and got street credibility…. And you can share it with everybody.

Pin ups from Hysteria Street   Pin Ups from Hysteria Street -exhibition was made originally 2004-2006, with digital original photos, that I made into art with more colours. It is dedicated Betty Page and great Finnish band Pin Ups, the band that´ s single got sooooo long title from that I remember only words “housewife” and “avocado.” Anyway, I think they made in their ultra cool style a song from boredom in home..

20 years later the title meets TV show Desperate Houseviwes who live something called Lysteria? Wisteria? street, which is so near hysteria, and listeria-bacter, living in a pastel perfect bourgeois, middleclass suburban world like in Edward Scissorhands – just without Edward Scissorhands… Just include dipers. The great made Danny Elfman music both Desperate Houseviwes and Edward Scissorhands.

This little old man freud who was sniffing coke was lost with term “hysteria”. He put hysteria to all too wrong place, hah!

It could go to the consumption hysteria, shopping, browsing, window shopping… Aren´ t we all little Mozarts? Who wish he had three heads because he couldn´t choose between three gorgeous wigs in one of the all time favourite film Amadeus…. But oh no! No longer we can try different wigs in the shops!! You can try only the wig you re going to buy. But how can you tell that it suits you, sir?? It is just like to buy a pig I a sack. No more you can take photos in the mall!

All the fun is missing from the shopping… Now a days shopping to me is comparing prices of lap tops, memory cards, scanners, CD roms etc near home or in the internet. But I do like to wander in flea markets, market halls, circulation recycling centres, plazaz, and markets of antiques, arts & crafts, clothing, books…. And buy some Victorian marmalade knifes and art.. And spot some interesting people there like actor Rhys Ifans…. The old things have lot of soul…. and stories…

I think my works talk to works from different ages and memories. I am a vegetarian so I do not hunt food – I hunt alone cheap or import DVD movies, Gothic paper backs, and all that great stuff.. In Barcelona was everything on sale in one walking street, and in Estonia they try to sell you this guerrilla gear – large weapons!!

Ultima Thule series  I made 2004-2006, mostly collague of two different pictures in narrow space. In those works I am strictly in Northern Finland, and wonder why tourist want to come here to get peace and quietness – and still make noise, drink like crazy, party like pigs, with lots of lights and noise, and drive with motor sledges terrifying animals and locals…. The original and extreme experiences!

To be an artist in Northern Finland – that´ s cruel. You really have to fight – to be what you really are. You got to have sisu, guts, power – never giving up.

Black Seita White Deer -serial, between 1996-2001. I wonder, with irony, my birth, my country, Lapland, it´ s mystic – have it come only commercial? Does it decay?? It starts with my favourite movie Valkoinen peura ( “The White Reindeer”, 1952, directed by Erik Blomberg, strarring with gorgeous actor Mirjami Kuosmanen as Pirita, she also wrote that movie), where a woman becomes a monster in a shape on white deer she run away in the night, and seduces hunter-men…

It is about woman who lust, woman who have her own will…. in shamanistic rhytm, and soul is wondering wandering – in Egypt and in Northern countries shamanistic original beliefs – which are older than religions men made.

Of course all my works are feministical, political and ironical:

Bonsai grlz -serie (2006) aka Free falling from the grace of femiNine flexibility between Venus and oddjobs 1-6

My Private Exhibition called Metamorphosis Polycolor is in Kahvila Soihtu, Art Cafe, in Helsinki in Etu-Töölö, in address: Aurorankatu 13 B 16, 00100 Helsinki. Open Mon-Fri 11-21. Kahvila Soihtu is in the corner of Aurorankatu and Nervanderinkatu – just across Taidehalli (Kunsthalle Helsinki) and Luonnontieteellinen museo (The Finnish Museum of Natural History) and behind eduskuntatalo (Parliament House). Be there or be elsewhere - square! in     Soihtu Taidekahvila / Jemina Staalo

 Reflections / Echoes echoes to the Dark Dark  / echo sounding through the Dragoness - Exhibition included selfportraits gone wild, with harmony pictures of Finnish Nature (in Swedish Zoo), and the warped world of barbies and bonsai grlz, and scanning echoes to the dark, the works that are both poems and pictures:  Heijastuksia / Kaukolaukauksia kaikuluotauksia pimeään

- Is there rock art in Vuosaari?? I saw Cave paintings in the grey, suburban concrete walls in the Vuosaari, Helsinki. Were they real? Or made by weather, this corrosion, or angry hooligans? That was my private exhibition about photographs I took from those “Cave paintings”….

As a multimedia-artist I have done photorealistic-magic Self Portraits using myself as an artist, photographer, designer and model. 


My photographs, paintings or artworks that are published ever since 1983:

I have published:  - both poems and digital graphic art in Finnish literary magazines - both articles / columns and my self portraits (digital graphic art) in Finnish literary magazines.  - both articles / columns of traveling and my self portraits (digital graphic art) in Finnish in popular Finnish travel magazines. - both articles / columns of art or traveling, and Photograph Collage from the streets of St. Petersburg in Finnish independent left-wing magazines. /  

pages in Finnish about my gothic sample of essays into grotesque phantasmagoria and back....         With Gallery: 

Jemina Staalo´s poems:

 - Vapaa-ajattelija 6 / 2004 magazine:       PDF -versiossa, sivulla 17.  PDF version, page 17.   - My Poems are published other where else in the net, for example in godless Finnish culture magazine Vapaa-Ajattelija (issue 6/2004) for free-thinkers. Because for me the most important thing is being free, and that includes free speech and free thinking… I really don’t need or can’t accept religions as a male dominating organizations, that only purpose is cheat and abuse real living people, and take their money and hope. And how women are categorized as witches, Evas, Salomes, and Pandoras - that is really bo-ring!!! And I do not even start about terrorism and fundamentalism. This is an evil world we are living in – and I do not wonder at all if people use Gothic tales, romantic novels, fanrasy, scifi,  Pippi Longstocking, Kojak, Hulk, Sapphire and Steel, Bionic Woman, Xena Destination Moonbase Alpha,  Michel Strogoff  ( Tsaarin kuriiri ), Starsky & Hutch,  etc. great entertainment, or studies about pop-culture, gender and Feminology, and memorabilia or nostalgia from childhood, and as an escape from this unbearable society we accepted to live in.


In the Web I have published colums about gothic and Gothic indeed…  

- Gotiikan lyhyttä oppimäärää in:  is one article about gothic subculture, in Finnish, published in Kaltio magazine in 2004.

- Pohjoisen koleista gooteista in:     is another bigger    Centerfold article about gothic subculture, in Finnish, published in Ylioppilaslehti magazine in 2004.  


My almost all kind of writing has been published in these magazines or websites in Finnish from the year 1983. 

                                     Books in Finnish Only:

- Pornoinho, Avant-garde Short stories & Poems, 2002.  - Novellit 2000, Anthology of Short Stories of un-published writers, 2001.                                                              

I won one drawing competition in 1778, oh; sorry in the 1978 when I was a child, with work called Vegetable lady, then, later, in the year 2001 I won with two other writers the first prize in Finnish Short Stories competition Novellit 2000                                                        

Finnish links about that competition: 

M.G.Soikkeli: NOVELLIT 2000 (in Finnish) KIRJA KÄMMENELLÄ / RADIO REX 5.3.2001 (in Finnish)


In the net I have published two books (poems and short stories, and something strange between them) of my own:

- Feminist culture magazine Raijakoo#7:  Rujoja runoja pimpoja polaroidkuvia - Ruff ruff Poems and bimboshots of Polaroid’s.  The collection was published first in June 2002, in Finnish language only.  Includes my art from exhibition Barbied Wire – Pink Skin Ink.


My other web collection of short stories and poems in Finnish:

 - UNIKANKARE KIRJALLISUUS (UNIKANKARE LITERATURE): HEART core – poems and short stories Published first in July 2003 in the web, (includes self portraits design and manipulation 2003-2001). 

                              As a critic:

Here´ s the review I wrote about Jack Kerouac´ s Desolation Angels, in Finnish:- Jack Kerouac: Desolationin enkelit  /

Articles about Jemina Staalo as an author, in Finnish, are in unbearble amount, here´s only one:

- Hunajapurkki VERKKOLEHTI,  Timo Hildén:  JEMINA STAALON HAASTATTELU. Here is a long interview about me, in Finnish, and including my self portraits.

         Don ´t get  Mad -  get some other ( BETTER ) magazine:

Here are some fresh translations of my poetry from that collection:

Carmina sanguai     Viper, come beside my,   Hurry, oh hurry, please, I meet you Marc Anthony, the teeth are poison arrows, When Amazon starts to hunt, Finds the vain, black river, silver mercury, and blood, blood ties, Drink me, eat me, I am the feast to Sunking, Labyrinths to Odysseys, and back again.      stump stump stump, The elephant is stumping, and I am so hunting for maharadzas, Attention, attention, Panic in the woods! Every Greek every week got horns and that´ s fine, The Satyrs are drinking, it´ s a dog´ s day, afternoon,  

Riders in the jar, Of poison became, Writers of the storm, We write these new Viking Sagas with Blood and with Knife, We transform ourselves into gender-blender Little Red Hoods, and Gray wolves, Sometimes,  too…


But here are some ancient translations of my poetry from some collections:

When the Tango dresses up She meet Jealousy, Where the heels are high, and violins so jumpy, under the suspicious eye, throats are dry in house that is public, the green grass is glowing, waiting in the other side… 

There were werewolves who drank who drank in Hunger in Pain, River were frozen, we have long claws, We hunt we strike, but the Plague is hunting us, The hours of ghost, don´ t go lost, when woman is the night, the number, the beast, the dress, cold is the north, warmer the blacksmith´ s workshop, the blood starts running cold,

The Moon reaches it´ s circle, And the Goddesses of the Night and Revenge, give births to normal girls, Artemis rock the cradle, filthier is the Forest


And here one short and ruff translation fragment from my winner short story:             “ The wind blows, and rises up trashes from the street, Burger King´ s     cardboard cups, condoms, and Star Wars ice lollies, they snap, crackle and pop to the pavement. Fuck. Wish if tornado (a medium size) comes and trashes all. Boring. I watch huge adverts in bus stops. Those little cars worms, creeps  first, then  … “    

I am a vegetarian, feminist, antichrist, anarchist, free-thinker, narcist and storyteller. I love horror of Hammer and especially Christopher Lee in every flick. I collect original Victorian marmalade knifes, LP-covers with vampires in it, and interesting or useful cameras.                                     

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